PLT-5 Series

The PLT5 series is tailored for residential use, offering affordability, lightweight, small size, easy installation, and almost zero maintennance. Ideal for spaces lacking sunlight such as basements, north-facing rooms, bedrooms, closets, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Available in two models, PLT-5 and PLT-5e, integrating 10 and 16 units of 100mm diameter light-collecting lenses respectively, providing up to 6000 and 9600 lumens of visible natural sunlight, and 80W and 160W of full spectrum natural sunlight. These units are lightweight, compact, cost-effective, feature automatic solar tracking, simple installation, operation, and require no maintenance, making them perfect for small residential areas.

Product Characteristics

Highest quality and genuine natural sunlight;

Customizable fiber/cable lengths of up to 500 meters;

Integrated light panel design: available in two configurations - 10 units of 100mm diameter lenses and 16 units of 100mm diameter lenses;

Optional full spectrum or visible spectrum natural sunlight;

Bluetooth-enabled for effortless setup and operation; no manual configuration required. Simple plug-and-play functionality upon power connection.


Parans sunlight is entirely derived from natural sunlight, collected and transmitted through Parans' high-fidelity optical system, essentially retaining all spectral components of natural sunlight. It's genuine natural sunlight! This is unparalleled by semiconductor LED sources or any other traditional electrical light sources!

Natural sunlight

Parans sunlight

LED light source

Technical Specifications

*All values are based on: 1) Standard 30 meters fiber cable ; 2) Solar illuminance of 100000 Lux, sunny day without smog.


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