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Minnesota Mankato Place Sunlight Project

Combined Lighting Layout with LED and Sunlight Integration

Mankato Place in the United States installed three Parans SP4-24.2 natural sunlight systems, along with 48-core energy fiber optics and 20 sunlight fixtures. This brought 70,000 lumens of visible light/1400 watts full-spectrum natural sunlight into various spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, and entertainment halls.


UJVN Ltd Headquarters Sunlight Project, North Akhand, India

Five SP4-40.2 Parans sunlight systems installed on the rooftop

To enhance the basement environment, the company purchased and installed 5 SP4-40.2 Parans natural sunlight systems, featuring a total of 400-core energy fiber optics. This setup delivers 250,000 lumens of visible light/3000 watts full-spectrum natural sunlight, covering basement area of approximately 1000 square meters and saving 20,000 kWh of lighting electricity annually.


The Rijnlands Tunnel Sunlight Project in the Netherlands

Installation site of 80 SP4-40.2 Parans natural sunlight systems

Both entrances of the Rijnlands Tunnel in the Netherlands are illuminated by Palance natural sunlight. Utilizing nearly a hundred Palance sunlight systems in an unprecedented manner, natural sunlight is introduced into the tunnel, minimizing the risk of a 'black hole' effect and ensuring optimal safety for road traffic.


Helsingborg Hospital Project

Installation site of Palance Natural Sunlight Systems SP4-24.2 and SP4-40.2

Helsingborg Hospital enhanced the ambiance in outpatient rooms, operating theaters, and corridors by installing a SP4-40.2 and SP4-24.2 Parans real natural sunlight rays Sunlight System. Doctors and patients now experience “We appreciate the sunlight we get through the Parans system”, says Lennart Sandhall, Chief Physician, Helsingborg Hopsital, Sweden, “ It gives us a clear connection to the outside. If the sun is shining, we are almost able to set the clock according to how the light is shifting.”


The Haier Bordeaux Town Villa Project

This initiative aims to enhance the living environment within the villa rooms.

The Haier Real Estate Bordeaux Town project, located in Laoshan District, Qingdao, installed a total of 16 sets of PLT-5 Palance Natural Sunlight Systems in 8 villa model houses. This initiative aims to enhance the living environment within the villa rooms. Palance Natural Sunlight contains rich ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared components. Besides serving as a carbon-neutral lighting source, it also assists in sterilization, dehumidification, odor elimination, and overall improvement of indoor air quality.


Qingdao Polar Ocean World Seal Pavilion Project

The SP4-40.2 sunlight system is installed above the ceiling

Parans has designed a natural sunlight spectrum for the Polar Ocean World. In this spectrum, ultraviolet light prevents various skin diseases in seals.


IMPULSE Fitness Club Ecological Environment Improvement Project

Enhances gym air by eliminating harmful gases and producing fresh air and negative ions.

IMSPULSE Fitness Club recently installed the Parans sunlight system. By projecting Parans natural sunlight onto the treadmills in the gym, people can enjoy outdoor natural sunlight while running. Parans sunlight enhances plant photosynthesis, improving air quality in the gym by removing harmful gases and generating fresh air and negative ions.


Auckland Elderly Apartment Sunbathing Project, New Zealand

Sunbathing has various health benefits, such as boosting the immune system and reducing the risk of colds.

New Market Senior Apartments in New Zealand consist of 80 senior units/beds, each accommodating one elderly individual or a couple. To allow the elderly to sunbathe in bed on sunny days, the client incorporated two SP4-40.2 Parans natural sunlight systems in the design.


Sunlight Hotel Project in Silicon Valley, India

The hotel not only sustains its oxygen needs but also produces a surplus, making it a truly self-sufficient oxygen-rich environment.

This significantly improves and enhances the air quality within the hotel, transforming it into a completely carbon-neutral ecological balance system. The hotel not only sustains its oxygen needs but also produces a surplus, making it a truly self-sufficient oxygen-rich environment.


Learn & Laugh Kindergarten Sunlight Project in Sydney, Australia

Client opted for Parans sunlight system to introduce natural light and meet daylight needs.

After the installation of the Parans natural sunlight system, sunlight penetrates the building. Children bask in natural sunlight, leading to a significant improvement in their learning interest and efficiency, earning high praise from parents.


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