SP4 Series

The SP4 series is specifically designed for large commercial enterprises, consisting of five models: SP4-8.2, SP4-12.2, SP4-16.2, SP4-24.2, and SP4-40.2. The SP4-40.2 model features 80 units of 100mm diameter light-collecting lenses, capable of delivering up to 100,000 lumens of visible spectrum natural sunlight and 800 watts of full spectrum natural sunlight per unit. Additionally, it integrates with the Parans Cloud big data operations platform, making it highly suitable for large commercial enterprises.

Product Characteristics

Highest quality genuine natural sunlight;

Customizable fiber/cable lengths of up to 500 meters;

Modular daylighting units: 16-80 units of 100mm diameter; light-collecting lenses and 16-80 core energy fibers

Optional full spectrum or visible spectrum natural sunlight;

Connects to Parans Cloud for remote installation, debugging,fault diagnosis, and operational data collection.


Parans sunlight is entirely derived from natural sunlight, collected and transmitted through Parans' high-fidelity optical system, essentially retaining all spectral components of natural sunlight. It's genuine natural sunlight! This is unparalleled by semiconductor LED sources or any other traditional electrical light sources!

Natural sunlight

Parans sunlight

LED light source

Technical Specifications

*All values are based on: 1) Standard 30 meters fiber cable ; 2) Solar illuminance of 100000 Lux, sunny day without smog.


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